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Combination Course 

Personal Training

Intense Training
Personal Trainer Stretching Session









Course Type 

Part-time blended learning 


  • Launching your new career as a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER has never been as easy & Affordable 

  • All our courses are internationally accredited, which gives your Qualification Global Recognition

Not Sure Which Personal Training Course is Best for You?

If you’re looking for the Best Personal Training Course/Combination Course, you’re in the right place!
Our Personal Training Course along with the ITEC Level 2 & EQF Level 3 Diploma will give you an extensive portfolio of skills and expertise to ensure that your new career gets off to the best possible start. With Tutors who currently run very successful businesses in the industry, you will learn first-hand all of the tips and tricks along the way to get you started off. 

 We also take the top graduates from each Personal Training Course and essentially help them get started in the industry. We take them on board in a My Career Academy facility and get them to take clients and classes to build up their experience and business, our course also allows for onsite practice and training so that you can familiarise yourself more with the practical end of things. We have Highly qualified tutors who can answer all your questions about what happens after the course completion as many Education centers do not communicate with the graduates regard the plans to put in place once the course has been completed we however cover all angles.

Don’t simply settle for the basics, become the very best with the best personal training course in the industry


My Career Academy is recognised by ITEC in Ireland and recognised by ITEC globally allowing students to work world-wide and have no issues with becoming insured in the industry.
Our Personal Training Course along with the ITEC Level 3 & EQF Level 4 Diploma will give you an extensive portfolio of skills and expertise to ensure that your new career gets off to the best possible start. 

#2 Career Opportunities

 Opportunities to advance your career in the health & fitness industry

  • Gym/ Fitness Studios

  • Personal Training – Outdoors, In-house, or In a Gym Facility

  • Online Coaching  

  • Open your very own Facility

  • Corporate Wellness Programmes

  • Bootcamp Classes

  • Schools/Colleges 

  • Sports Teams

  • Even the opportunity of becoming an educator 

#3 Fitness Instructing Course Syllabus  

● Anatomy & Kinesiology
● Exercise Physiology
● The Training Effects of Exercise
● Principles of Training
● Components of Fitness
● Injury Prevention
● Teaching Skills – Communication
● Skills & Technique
● Health Screening/Testing/Monitoring
● Physiology of Stretching
● Principles of Weight Training
● Principles of Physical Activity
● Exercise Programming & Progression
● Exercise Selection & Sequencing
● Strength Training for sports
● Flexibility

#4 Group Instructing Course Syllabus

● Anatomy & physiology
● Components of Fitness
● Principles of Training
● Injury Prevention
● Teaching Skills
● Communication Skills & Technique
● Screening
● Class stages
● Class Planning
● Instructor Skills
● Phrasing & Mapping to music
● Layering Techniques
● Block Developing
● Teaching & Safety Techniques
● Class Coordination

#5 Personal Training 

● Cutting-edge training techniques
● Sports Specific programme design for athletes and teams
● Energy metabolism & nutritional implications
● How to advertise, sell, & retain clients
● Functional training
● Advanced Strength & Conditioning methods
● Principles of Growth & Development
● Advanced training methods, program design & Periodisation
● Weight-loss strategies & Client motivation
● Biomechanics & common issues

● Nutrition module covered 

#5 The examination process for ITEC qualifications include

  • Practical Assessment

  • Case Study Assignments

  • MCQ  Examinations

  • Interview

#6 What level of fitness do I need to sign up for this course?

We just require that you have an appetite for learning and are truly interested in health and fitness. We tend to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do, it’s most important that you have the ability to be able to help your potential clients reach their goals

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