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Frequently asked Questions

Can I use my qualification abroad?

Yes, absolutely 100%. All of our qualifications are internationally recognized and we have students travel from all around the world coming to us to get certified. Some of our successful past students are now highly successful PTs in some places such as Canada, Australia, USA, Sweden, India, and more! If you have any queries about using your qualifications abroad, please just ask a member of our team.

What level of fitness is required in order to do the course?

We don’t require our students to be athletes or super fit. All we ask is that you are fit enough to partake in our courses and are medically sound to exercise. If you are unsure of any medical conditions and their impact on your ability in class- please contact our team today and we can assist you.

What's the Personal Training Combination Course?

Combination Course is a flexible way of completing your course of study, combining online aspects with in-classroom experience to allow for an accessible learning style.

The benefits of combination course?

Flexibility: Busy, geographically dispersed, and mature students have more control over their schedules, avoiding the hassle of a daily commute
Independence: Students often develop independence and motivation by working in their own time at their own pace
Diversification: Students have access to a rich array of learning tools and styles they may not encounter in the traditional classroom
Support: Students experience the personal engagement and support of interacting with their lecturers and classmates while benefiting from the flexibility of online delivery

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