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Pre & Post NatalCourse

This qualification aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to programme safe and effective exercise for antenatal and postnatal clients.

Course Overview

  • Equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the physiological and biomechanical changes that occur during pregnancy, enabling them to tailor exercise programme accordingly.

  • Develop learners' skills in designing safe and effective exercise programme for antenatal and postnatal clients.

  • Learners will gain knowledge of the potential risks and precautions associated with exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

  • You will be equipped to design and implement exercise programme that prioritise the safety, effectiveness, and overall well-being of antenatal and postnatal clients.


Advance yourself as coach by adding new skill and become an expert with our Pre and Post Natal Qualification



Course Cost €649

Pay Upfront €549 (Saving €100)

Pay in 3 monthly installments of €216

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