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Achieve Your Fitness Career Dreams with My Career Academy

Internationally Accredited Courses That Transform Your Fitness Passion into a Successful Profession

What is My Career Academy & How They Help You Build A Career In Fitness

Are you passionate about fitness and ready to turn that passion into a rewarding career? My Career Academy, established in 2019 with over 50 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, is here to guide you every step of the way. 

With operations in Dublin and  Ireland at prime locations in Tallaght HQ and Finglas, we offer top-notch online and in-person internationally recognised fitness courses that cater to both local and international students. We offer both hands-on practical sessions and self-paced online classes so students can pick the one that suits their lifestyle.

Our unique approach combines expert-led instruction with comprehensive support, ensuring you’re fully prepared to succeed in the dynamic fitness world.

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Diverse Range of Internationally Recognised Courses

Our diverse courses are tailored to meet the different learning preferences and career aspirations of our students. Whether you prefer in-person training or the flexibility of online learning, My Career Academy has the right program for you. Each course is meticulously designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel.

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (In-person and Blended Learning)

Our flagship course combines comprehensive classroom instruction with practical, hands-on experience. It’s perfect for those who thrive in a traditional learning environment and value real-world application. Our blended learning approach ensures you get the best of both worlds – in-depth theoretical knowledge and essential practical skills.

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (Fully Online)

Ideal for those who need the flexibility to study from anywhere while still receiving a high-quality education. Our fully online course allows you to learn independently, fitting your studies around your lifestyle. With interactive modules, video tutorials, and regular assessments, you’ll stay engaged and on track to achieve your certification.

Level 3 Award in Pre and Post-Natal

Specialise in fitness training for pre and postnatal clients, a growing and important niche within the fitness industry. This course covers the specific needs and considerations for training pregnant and postpartum clients, providing you with the expertise to offer safe and effective workouts tailored to this demographic.

Advanced Nutrition Course

Gain in-depth knowledge of nutrition and its critical role in fitness and overall health. Understanding nutrition is essential for any fitness professional, and our course will enable you to offer comprehensive advice to your clients, enhancing their results and your credibility.

Business and Marketing Workshops

Integrated into our personal training courses, these workshops equip you with essential business and marketing skills to grow your own fitness enterprise. From creating a strong personal brand to mastering social media marketing, these workshops ensure you leave with the tools required to attract and retain clients.


Let one of our team tell you about our courses, flexible payment plans & funding options book your call today.

Join the ranks of successful Personal Trainers by achieving certification with Ireland's leading fitness education provider

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Take Your First Step Towards Your Dream Career!

Join a community of successful graduates making a difference in the fitness world globally. Our alumni network spans numerous countries, demonstrating the international reach and recognition of our qualifications. By choosing My Career Academy, you’re not just enrolling in a course; you’re joining a family of passionate fitness professionals dedicated to making a positive impact.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in fitness. Enrol in one of our courses and join a community that values your success. Visit our contact page to learn more about our enrolment process and how My Career Academy can help you achieve your career goals.

What Makes My Career Academy Stand Out


Wide Career Opportunities

Our qualifications are internationally recognised, meaning you can easily work and travel across the globe.



Full Student Support

 We provide full student support that goes beyond your course duration and continues even after your graduation to ensure that you are qualified and have all it needs to turn your certification into a profitable and fulfilling career.


Industry Expert Designed Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed by industry experts, ensuring that you gain practical, applicable skills that employers value.



Practical Experience

Our courses include real-world scenarios and hands-on training, ensuring you can apply your skills professionally.


Career Development Support

We also offer continuous career development support, helping you to stay ahead in the competitive fitness industry.



Strong Alumni Network

Our alumni network is a testament to our success, with graduates working in various countries and thriving in their careers.

Contact Us Now!

Our team is ready to support you every step of the way, from initial enquiry to post-graduation career support. Explore our courses, speak with our advisors, and discover how My Career Academy can be the catalyst for your fitness career. Contact us today to get started on your journey towards becoming a successful fitness professional.

 Glen Abbey Complex, Belgard Rd, Cookstown, Dublin 24, Ireland

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