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Brow Lamination Course 


Brow Lamination works in a similar way to Lash Lift and involves the straightening of eyebrow hairs using a chemical solution.

Brow Lamination lifts the hairs from the root and sets them in place giving the appearance of thicker, fluffier brows. A Brow Lamination process consists of perming, fixing, tinting and nourishing solutions being applied to the eyebrows. The chemicals used during treatment reform the bonds of the eyebrow hairs, which enables you to manipulate the direction in which the natural hair is growing. The average Brow Lamination treatment time is 45-60 minutes.


Benefits of Brow Lamination Treatment:


• Immediate results

• Lasts up to 8 weeks – ideal for holidays or those with busy lifestyles

• Opens up the eye and gives shorter, straight hairs more length

• Helps to lift droopy eyes

• Suitable for contact lens wearers

• Suitable for all lengths of lashes

PRICE €350 Includes Full Kit

Brow Lamination Kit contains enough products to complete between 18-20 clients. That’s an earning of up to €1,000+ if you were to charge just €50 per client.

Brow Lamination Kit contains:

Lamination Lotion

Brow Fix

Repair Rescue

Lamination Adhesive

x1 Lash Pick

x1 Y Shape Lash Tool/Comb Mascara Wands

Lint Free Applicators

Our Brow Lamination Course is fully certified and our tutors are experts in teaching you all trends of new techniques so you can impress your clients from day one.

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