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Transform Your Passion for Fitness into a Successful Career with My Career Academy

Internationally Recognised Qualifications, Comprehensive Support, and Career Growth

My Career Academy understands the unique challenges you face. It offers a range of internationally accredited fitness courses that have both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to excel. Our programs cater to different learning styles and career goals, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your aspirations. Our courses are delivered as blended learning with fully hands-on practical sessions or through our fully online self-paced courses, allowing you to learn at your convenience without compromising quality.

Our Internationally Recognised Courses

Personal Trainer Combination Course L3 Diploma

Our flagship program, the Personal Trainer Combination Course L3 Diploma, provides comprehensive training that includes in-person and online learning options, making it our most sought-after course.

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (Blended Learning)

Our course combines comprehensive classroom instruction with practical, hands-on experience. It’s perfect for those who thrive in a traditional learning environment and value real-world application.

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (Fully Online)

 Ideal for those who need the flexibility to study from anywhere while still receiving a high-quality education. This self-paced course allows you to learn at your own convenience.

Level 3 Award in Pre and Post-Natal

Specialise in fitness training for pre and postnatal clients, a growing and important niche within the fitness industry. This course covers the specific needs and considerations for training pregnant and postpartum clients.

Advanced Nutrition Course

Gain in-depth knowledge of nutrition and its critical role in fitness and overall health. This course will enable you to offer comprehensive advice to your clients, enhancing their results and your credibility.

Business and Marketing Workshops

Integrated into our personal training courses, these workshops equip you with essential business and marketing skills to grow your own fitness enterprise. From creating a strong personal brand to mastering social media marketing, these workshops ensure you leave with the tools required to attract and retain clients.

Our Extensive Allumni Network

Join a global community of successful fitness professionals who have transformed their careers through My Career Academy. Our alumni network is extensive, with graduates working in various countries worldwide. Their success stories are a testament to the quality of education and support we provide. Hear from our past students about how our courses have helped them achieve their career goals and thrive in the fitness industry.

Our Training Courses Are Ideal For


Transitioning from academia to a professional career can be daunting. Our courses provide a clear pathway from learning to earning, equipping you with both the technical skills and the confidence needed to excel in the fitness industry.

Fitness Enthusiasts

If you’re passionate about fitness and looking to formalise your knowledge, our comprehensive courses will provide you with the credentials and expertise to turn your passion into a profession.

Career Changers

Looking for a new direction in your career? Our accredited courses offer a fresh start, providing you with the training and support needed to succeed in a new, rewarding career in fitness.

We Go Beyond Training & Help You Build A Solid Career

Enrolling in My Career Academy means more than getting a qualification. It’s about going on a journey that transforms your passion into a profitable career. Our comprehensive support ensures that you are not only prepared for your exams but are also ready to face the real-world challenges of the fitness industry. We provide continuous career support, helping you build a successful career long after you’ve completed your course. Our hands-on practical sessions ensure you gain valuable experience, while our self-paced online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your convenience.

Take control of your future today!

 Choose My Career Academy and benefit from an education that supports your growth every step of the way. Enrol in one of our courses and start your journey towards a successful career in fitness. Visit our website to learn more about our courses, the enrolment process, and how we can help you achieve your career goals.

Transform your passion into a profession with My Career Academy. Our team is ready to support you every step of the way, from initial enquiry to post-graduation career support. Explore our courses, speak with our advisors, and discover how My Career Academy can be the catalyst for your fitness career. Contact us today to get started on your journey towards becoming a successful fitness professional.

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