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L3 Personal Training Course

Get set to unlock doors to the most fulfilling industry by completing our Level 3 Personal Training course. Embrace this chance to make a real impact, transforming lives while carving out your career path.

Step into the realm of professional coaching through our comprehensive Level 2 & 3 Personal Training Course, your inaugural stride towards mastery. Open to individuals aged 16 and above, this course requires no prior qualifications. Delve into the art of movement assessment and crafting personalized, top-tier programs. Learn alongside of active coaches and personal trainers, unlocking the secrets to maximizing every session's potential.

Most personal training courses cover the bare essentials for certification. However, our L3 PT Diploma isn't about ticking boxes. It goes beyond the basic learning benchmarks, elevating your practical expertise and knowledge. This diploma isn't just about qualifications; it's about empowering you to confidently coach, lead, and profoundly influence others in a positive way.

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Course Overview

You will learn practical techniques from industry-leading coaches, and hone your skills from the comfort of home. In addition to understanding the practical training methodology of exercise, mobility and movement, you will also perfect your client-facing skills and discover what it takes to become a successful personal trainer. You will learn how to positively motivate your clients to reach their goals, develop bespoke programmes, as well as how to develop your personal training business.


Personal Training Business Development

Learn how to develop your career and how to set up as a self-employed personal trainer, including inside tips on managing a personal training business, marketing strategies and how to continually promote success.

Programme Design

Design programmes to meet a variety of potential client needs in dynamic settings.


Design programmes to meet a variety of potential client needs in dynamic settings.

Personal Training Professionalism

Learn about the legal and professional aspects of personal training.

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